Specialization leads to excellence. Product development firms are rarely good at everything. That’s why we specialize in the development of medical and life science devices that use plastics. This focus, combined with our in-house fabrication capabilities, give us world class ability to tackle challenging novel requirements and complete simple projects with remarkable efficiency. Take a video tour and review our Services and Expertise to see how Symbient is purpose-built to develop injection molded medical devices.


Nothing can replace it. Our team of senior engineers have an average of 14 years of experience in the medical device development field. We invite you to review our case studies to see selected examples from our portfolio of hundreds of successful designs. These include devices for the world’s leading medical device companies that have sold tens of millions of units.


Large or small project, we can help. Our services range in size and scope from just a single phase of development to managing your entire development project, from concept through transfer-to-manufacturing.  We welcome projects in a variety of development stages including back-of-the-napkin, to optimization of the design for manufacturing, to developing the next generation of a product that is on the market. Whether your requirements are complex or modest, we are happy to accommodate them.


When you want it done. Yesterday. We are built for speed. Our internal rapid prototyping, prototype mold fabrication and short-run injection molding capabilities eliminate costly third party vendor delays and deliver finished, proven designs on accelerated schedules. When time-to-market is critical and you have milestones to meet, rely on our capabilities, knowledge and experience in the field to arrive at the right design, faster.


Learn how we deliver them. Our unique process and capabilities reduce risk early in development, yielding exceptional results. Internal rapid prototyping enables us to incrementally design, test and refine designs. Our prototype mold fabrication and short-run injection molding capabilities enable us to produce production-quality parts for testing and optimization of the design for manufacturing.

How We Help Diverse Organizations

Startups: You have a great idea. It may be prototyped or may still be on a napkin. As a full service product development firm, we can help you through every stage, from defining product requirements, through manufacturing transfer.

Established Companies: When you need additional resources, we operate as an extension of your engineering department, handling an entire project or just a portion where our expertise is needed.

Research Institutes: R&D is our specialty. Our abilities to fabricate prototypes and iterate designs quickly and incrementally, enable us to develop novel methods that accomplish unique requirements, and can lead to the next medical or life science breakthrough.

Government: As a regular contractor or subcontractor to government agencies including the Department of Energy and the Department of Health and Human Services, we meet their stringent requirements for service providers including quality, billing practices and audit compliance.