Other links to products we have developed

Most of our work is not listed here due to client confidentiality.

• Accumetrics, VerifyNow Cartridge Collection Tube Adapter

• Alere/Innovacon, next generation of the iCup Urine Test Cup for Drugs of Abuse

• Alere/Innovacon, next generation of the iScreen Saliva Drugs of Abuse Diagnostic

• Astute Medical, NephroCheck Diagnostic Cartridge for Acute Kidney Injury 

• BD, Veritor Flu Test System Disposables

• Biosensia, RapiPlex Non-Lateral Flow Diagnostic Platform

• Critical Diagnostics, Aspect-LF ST2 Diagnostic Cartridge

• DxNA, GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostic Cartridge 

• Exact Sciences, Cologuard DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test kit

• Fabpulous, Rapid Plasma Separation Sample Preparation Device

• Fabpulous, Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnostic Cartridge

• Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

• FSC Pediatrics next generation of the E-Z Spacer for Metered Dose Inhalers

• Invisible Sentinel, Veriflow Molecular Diagnostic Cartridge System

• MesaBiotech, HLB Diagnostic Cartridge

• PATH, Chagas Disease Diagnostic Cartridge 

• PATH, OV16 Diagnostic Cartridge 

• Phluid (now Tandem Diabetes Care), Ambulatory Infusion Pump first functioning prototype

• Quidel, QuickVue iFOB Diagnostic

• Trinity Biotech, Uni-Gold Cryptosporidium Diagnostic Cartridge

• Safeshot, Safety Syringe – Manufacturable design based on US Patent 6,413,236

• T2 Biosystems, T2MR Diagnostic Cartridge 

US Patents and US Patent Applications

Most of our work is not listed here due to client confidentiality

• Acon Laboratories, Lancet Device 

• Agilent Technologies/Pfizer, RNA Extraction Cartridge and Reagent Pack – U.S. Patent Application

• Baxter, Anti-drawback Medical Valve

• Bayer Diagnostics, Samplequik Whole Blood Sampling Device – Manufacturable design based on US Patent Application 09/757,224

Bearinger, Apparatus and Methods for Sample Handling and Processing

Corporos, Methods and Apparatus for Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection

• Exact Sciences, Sample Collection Device 

• Exact Sciences, Centrifuge Filtering Device

• Exact Sciences, Stool Specimen Collection System

• Fastraq Fluidic Cartridge

• Isoclear, Contact Lens Cleaning System – US Patent 7,395,575.

L.O.M., Retractable Needle Syringe with Unitary Propellant Release Module

L.O.M., Retractable Blood Collection Devices and Methods

L.O.M., Gas Release Cell

L.O.M., Retractable Needle Syringe

Lucigen, Sample Collection and Analysis Devices

Medipurpose, Safety Scalpel with Replaceable Blade Cartridge

• Nexus Dx, Sample Collection, Processing and Detection System

Pocared, Filter Arrangement with Slider Valve and Method for Using the Same

• Slipchip, System and Method for Movement and Timing Control

• Upspring, Infant Hydration Diagnostic – Resulting in US Patent Application 12/115,329

• Zero-G, Eye Spray Medication Delivery System