Medical Industrial Design Services

ID that Works

Our industrial design (ID) services will help you achieve the look, feel, and usability that is critical to the success of your product in the marketplace while ensuring full functional performance. We achieve this by employing highly experienced Industrial Design service talent that works closely with the engineering team. This combination ensures that the concepts we generate for you not only represent great ID but will not conflict with your device’s functions and requirements, including design for manufacturing. 

Our Industrial Design service offering includes:

  • Conceptual design
  • Designing for human factors, ergonomics, and ease of use
  • Designing devices that are intuitive and easy to use, including those intended to be CLIA waived or for use at the Point of Care
  • Incorporating user feedback, Voice of the Customer
  • Brand identity conformity
  • Photo-realistic renderings for your use in presentations and marketing material

Give us your sketch or requirements and we will translate them into a three dimensional model in SolidWorks and generate multiple concepts for you to choose from.

Let us use our creativity and experience in medical device industrial design to create multiple unique and attractive concepts for you to evaluate. Then we can iterate these concepts until we achieve the design that makes you say, “That’s it!”

We are happy to work with outside industrial design service talent to turn your medical device conceptual design into a working prototype and ultimately a completely functional design that meets all product requirements. 

Additional Industrial Design Services:

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC)

We are advocates of VOC (A.K.A. Quality Function Deployment / QFD) processes and encourage our customers to pursue this valuable design input to incorporate the end-users’ expectations, preferences, and aversions. We can assist with basic VOC research and are experienced in incorporating formal VOC research results in your design.

  • Misuse Modes

We can design products that are so easy to use that it is difficult to use them incorrectly. We accomplish this by performing a full analysis of potential use and manufacturing process errors, and design to eliminate these errors through intuitive design and failsafe design features.

To learn more about our medical device industrial design services, get in touch with us today. 

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