Biotech and Medical Instrument Design Experts

Technology and System Development of Biotech and Medical Instruments

As Symbient, a Gener8 company, we excel in consumable microfluidics, development and manufacturing of biotech and medical instruments. Combining with Gener8 brings together two industry powerhouses yet maintains the expertise in each area and de-risks the cartridge-to-instrument interface, while providing development efficiencies resulting in higher quality and faster time-to-market. With our Turn-Key offerings, we can develop instruments from concept to commercialization including fulfillment and repair or scale our services to clients’ needs. With a wide range of specialists from engineers to optics experts and industrial designers, we have the skills needed to achieve your instrument and consumable development goals.  Symbient Product Development is your biotech and medical instrument design expert. Check out our instrument development capabilities below.

Our mechanical engineering spans the internal instrument mechanisms, to the external product housings, as well as the disposable cartridge development.  Our core competencies include:

  • System level design and integration
  • Fluidics handling and microchip integration
  • Design for modularity and assembly
  • Thermal management
  • Mechatronics and actuators
  • Precision motion and automation
  • Optomechanical stages and trains
  • Package and enclosure design

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Our electrical engineering team develops PCBA’s that control all aspects of products from mechanical mechanisms to optics and the user interface and communications.  They have core competencies in:

  • System level design and integration
  • Design for modularity and assembly
  • Analog power and power management
  • High speed digital design
  • FPGA and embedded processors
  • Low power wireless
  • Sensor and measurement circuits
  • Image capture and analysis
  • High performance audio and spectroscopy
  • Circuit layout for signal integrity
  • Design and analysis for reliability

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Our software experts collaborate with electrical engineers to define the hardware needed for the user interface and communication and connectivity solutions.  Their core competencies are in the following:

  • Embedded Firmware and Software
  • Connectivity and Cloud Solutions

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OptoMechanics and Optoelectronics are integral to many products we develop.  Our optics experts are experienced in the following:

  1. Lens modelling for bulk and fiber optics
  2. High speed fluorescent imaging,
  3. Camera, Laser and LED design and integration
  4. Optics-fluorescence filtering
  5. Custom polymer lensing
  6. High sensitivity CMOS cameras

Our human factors and usability engineering processes maximize the likelihood that new devices will be safe and effective for the intended users, uses and use environments.  They enable us to assess and reduce risks associated with device use.

Our Industrial Design services will help you achieve the look, feel and usability that is critical to the success of your product. We employ highly experienced Industrial Design talent that work closely with the engineering team to define the instrument housings and user interaction features. Through our experts in biotech and medical instrument design you can be sure you’re getting the most advanced products possible.
Throughout development we are designing to reduce the risk of EMI exposure and safety concerns.  We work with contracted services for EMI and Safety testing to comply with CE and UL certification requirements.

Gener8’s design control system assures evaluation of the design and assembly processes while assessing risk early in the design process, thereby providing a seamless hand off to the manufacturing side of our business. For medical clients, we have a dedicated group skilled in the deliverables to meet our ISO 13485 requirements.

We provide high quality, contract manufacturing services focused on producing complex precision instrumentation and supporting consumables for the medical and bioscience industries. With instrument design and manufacturing in the same location, we provide seamless transfer to manufacturing, along with scalable volume production, and the highest quality standards. Using our biotech and medical instrument design experts we can bring medical ideas to life. For medical clients, we are skilled in the processes to meet our ISO 13485 requirements.

What it means for the client

Development Tools and Space
We have over $12 million of equipment for processing, testing, and development, as well as complete in-house mechanical and electrical prototyping capabilities to meet a wide range of needs for our clients.

Manufacturing Tools and Space
At our Sunnyvale facility, we have over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space including Class 100, 1,000, and 10,000 controlled environment rooms (CERs) to bring client’s instruments to commercialization.

For more information on how we build and design technology for the future of the medical and biotech fields, contact us today. We’re your biotech and medical instrument design experts.