Microfluidic Device Design and Fluid Dynamics

Does your project involve microfluidics, small volumes or fluid dynamics?

We have completed over 100 projects with fluid handling requirements in volumes ranging from milliliters (ml) down to microliter (µl) volumes.
The following is a summary of our experience and expertise in microfluidics, small volumes and fluid dynamics.

  • Plasma separation
  • RNA and DNA purification
  • Cell lysis, separation and processing
  • Bacterial analysis and detection
  • Biomarker expression
  • Metering, static and active mixing, aspiration, volume separating, filtration.
  • Normally closed and normally open valve designs that are low cost / consumable
  • Precise sample splitting, including array distribution.
  • Capillary action, surface tension, adhesion, wetting.
  • 2  µl (microliters)
  • 40 µm deep x 60 µm wide fluidic channels
  • For projects that require even smaller volumes or features, we develop the components of the project that handle the transition from macro or meso to micro.

Meeting Other Fluidic Requirements

  • Multichannel fluidics and complex fluid distribution devices.
  • Difficult to handle fluids including bodily fluids, solvents, biological reagents, low boiling point fluids, and those of varying viscosity.
  • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials.
  • Researching, specifying and integrating membranes and custom matrices of nearly unlimited type.
  • Fluids under high pressure and vacuum.
  • Rehydrating dried reagents.
  • Lyophilized beads.
  • Blister pack design and integration.
  • Atomization and aerosol nozzle design.
  • Sealing using o-rings, laminates, sonic and laser welding, thermo bonding, and solvent bonding, among others.

Microfluidics Device Design and Fluid Dynamics Case Studies