COVID-19 Coronavirus Charts and Graphs On Digital Display

On October 6th, 2020, the NIH announced its awarded the third round of contracts to six new technologies for COVID-19 testing. The new tests include some novel approaches at sample collection, processing, resulting, and point-of-care. Some of these innovations can offer test results within a few minutes. Gener8 and Symbient have been following RADx Tech closely, which is the program responsible for awarding the contracts, to help serve our clients with information and resources as we work together to help develop new technologies for early testing. Together, we’re working on several novel COVID-19 testing devices designed for at-home use or more rapid testing. If you have any COVID-19 project needs, we are happy to help provide additional aid through:

  • Letter of Support: We can provide a letter of support for your grant application to develop a COVID-19 and other diagnostic devices.
  • Consultative Services: Before product development, we guide clients through early assay development and technology decisions that affect the cartridge and instrument and product costs as well as manufacturability.

Gener8 product development services offer world-class instrument development engineers and designers along with expert fluidic cartridge developers at Symbient. We maintain focused yet integrated resources in each area, providing development efficiencies that result in higher quality and faster time-to-market. With a wide range of specialists from engineers to optics experts and industrial designers, we have the skills needed to achieve your instrument and consumable development goals. We have over 30 years of experience combined with developing diagnostic tools and instruments, along with our in-house capabilities, which position us to be your fastest path to fully functional, commercial-ready devices, and instrument systems.

To learn more about the upcoming RADx plan, click here.

To discuss a new project or collaborate on a letter of support, please contact us here.