Project Description

Acon Lancet

Client: ACON Labratories / Azure Institute

Our Role

  • Design a low cost lancet with features normally limited to premium-priced lancets for use in a glucose monitoring kit.

Unique Features and Accomplishments

  • Developed a unique design that minimized the number of components without sacrificing premium lancet device functions such as adjustable depth selection and other features intended to minimize pain.
  • Required at least two fewer components than all competing lancet devices, resulting in a substantially lower cost per unit.
  • Designed an attractive, easy to use product that stands out from most lancet devices, which are typically plain and lack quality ergonomics.
  • US Patent application # 60,553,223

Expertise Employed

While all projects benefit from our development process and expertise in design, engineering, and in-house rapid prototyping, this project highlights our expertise in: