Project Description

Gradientech Case Study

Client: Gradientech

Our Role:

  • Use our microfluidic expertise to create an in vitro diagnostic cartridge for rapid susceptibility testing of positive blood culture samples to antibiotics.
  • Perform design, prototype, prototype injection molding and assembly process development.

Unique Features and Accomplishments:

  • Complex multichannel microfluidics, flow balancing, sample and reagent delivery, on-cartridge valving, optical compatibility for imaging.
  • Enables same day results and antibiotic treatment guidance for sepsis patients.
  • Generates minimum inhibitor concentration values as soon as 2 hours. Panels for gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria for rapid AST resulting.
  • Susceptibility results are based on viable bacterial growth monitoring.
  • Detects functional resistance; results not based on specific probes or image database comparison.
  • A minimum of 22 hours faster than traditional culture-based methods.

Expertise Employed:

While all projects benefit from our development process and expertise in design, engineering, and in-house rapid prototyping, this project highlights our expertise in:

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 Image: Gradientech

 Image: Gradientech

 Image: Gradientech