Project Description

Portable Insulin Pump

Client: Phluid / Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

Our Role

  • Design and build a functional prototype of a drug infusion pump from breadboard model.
  • Design and fabricate test fixtures to support software development.

Unique Features and Accomplishments

  • Developed the product from the concept stage to the first functional prototype. Our design was further developed into a large commercial success, earning substantial market share and resulting in an IPO.
  • Created a novel method for using compressed air for drug delivery in a small, wearable device.
  • Designed and engineered all aspects of the first functional prototype including the concepts, component selection, critical flow control methods for safety and efficacy, packaging/integration, electronics, sensors and fail safe mechanisms.
  • Product features reusable and disposable sub-components requiring unique electronic and high pressure fluidic connections.
  • Prototyped numerous small and precise components using our in-house precision machining and injection molding, enabling us to meet an aggressive schedule and cost target.
  • Built test fixtures and methods to ensure design met all functionality and safety requirements.

Expertise Employed
While all projects benefit from our development process and expertise in design, engineering, and in-house rapid prototyping, this project highlights our expertise in: