Project Description

Sealed Cartridge for Virus Testing

Client: DxNA

Our Role

  • 100% sealed system used for testing hazardous viruses, tested to 120 PSI.
  • A syringe-like device delivers sample through the intake port, which then flows through integrated filtration media and resuspends a dried reagent.
  • The solution then fills two small chambers of a known size to meter the sample. The chambers feature injection molded lenses, made with optical grade plastic, allowing the solution to be imaged with a reader.
  • The cartridge features vessels that receive excess pressure and have hydrophobic vent media at their inlets, allowing sample to travel through the sealed cartridge but not enter the vessels.
  • Transparent top housing and black bottom housing for laser welding the assembly. Also designed to be compatible with ultrasonic welding.

Product is commercially available:  DxNA Test Cartridge

Expertise Employed
While all projects benefit from our development process and expertise in design, engineering, and in-house rapid prototyping, this project highlights our expertise in: