Project Description

Fraction-Collecting Urine Cup

Client:  Exosome Diagnostics

Our Role:

Client has unique assay that requires the first fraction of a urine sample to be easily separated from rest of sample, as a higher concentration of exosomes are present.

Unique Features and Accomplishments:

  • User friendly design allows urine collection to proceed in the same way as traditional collection devices while automatically separating the first fraction into the lower chamber.
  • When lower chamber is filled, a float device in lower chamber seals lower chamber from upper chamber, isolating the first fraction of urine from rest of specimen during sample collection.
  • Top cap is designed with a long plug to seal first fraction from rest of sample until processed at lab.
  • Once sealed, sample can be shaken without mixing fractions while in transit to the lab.
  • Lower chamber has separate cap to allow extraction of first fraction with minimal contact.

Product available here.

Expertise Employed:

While all projects benefit from our development process and expertise in design, engineering, and in-house rapid prototyping, this project highlights our expertise in:

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Exosome Urine Cup:  Ready for sample collection

Exosome urine cup

Exosome Urine Cup:  First fraction separated from rest of sample

Exosome Urine Cup:  Bottom lid removed, float is visible, first fraction successfully separated from rest of sample

Exosome Urine Cup:  Float removed, sample ready for removal by technician