New Additions Enable Finer Resolution And Sustained Accuracy With Diverse Material Selection

               Connex Product Image 

CARLSBAD, California, April 8, 2019— Symbient Product Development, a medical product design company that specializes in disposable medical devices, today announced that they have added Objet Connex 3 and MiiCraft Ultra Series machines to their 3D printer portfolio.

Symbient uses rapid prototyping as a key part of their engineering design process. Design concepts are prototyped with quick turnaround times and the accuracy of the parts allows for functional testing, accelerating the product development cycle.

Objet Connex 3 provides the versatility of a multiple-material 3D printer, fabricating high strength materials that can stand up to temperatures as high as 95°. The Connex 3 allows Symbient to blend materials in order to create custom application-specific material properties.

The MiiCraft Ultra prints extremely accurate parts with fine resolution. Scott Castanon, the CEO of Symbient, stated, “We are well known for quick prototyping cycles with high quality turnarounds and MiiCraft Ultra will expand our capabilities by allowing us to quickly fabricate highly accurate prototypes.”

About Symbient Product Development

Symbient Product Development specializes in design engineering and design-for-manufacturing of innovative medical and life science devices that use plastics. Our highly experienced team consists of mechanical and biomedical engineers, industrial design talent, machinists and molding technicians. They leverage our in-house rapid prototyping, prototype tooling fabrication and injection molding to create proven, manufacturable designs with unmatched speed, efficiency and quality. These designs form our deep portfolio of over 300 successful devices that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. They include FDA Class I, II and III devices, developed under our ISO 13485 certified quality management system.