New Equipment Expedites Development of Fluidic Cartridges

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 9, 2019—Symbient Product Development, a medical product design company that specializes in injection molding today announced that they added laser welding to their diverse portfolio of product development capabilities.  Laser welding is a vibration-free, particulate-free method to join plastics and requires only very localized heat. It is used when high precision, high accuracy and high strength welds are required.  Laser welding can also be used as a fast prototyping tool to join parts quickly to enable testing to proceed while heat sealing or ultrasonic welding protocols are developed in parallel.  Having the system available in house during the development of assembly methods has already saved months of time for current projects in house, CEO Scott Castanon stated. “Using production quality equipment during the product development process is critical to reducing development risk for our customers. With our new facility in Carlsbad, we now have the room to expand our prototyping and assembly capabilities”, added Castanon. Adding the Leister Novolas WS-AT laser welder into the shop is a perfect example of Symbient’s continued dedication to rapid product development and development risk reduction.

About Symbient Product Development

Symbient Product Development specializes in design engineering and design-for-manufacturing of innovative medical and life science devices that use plastics. Our highly experienced team consists of mechanical and biomedical engineers, industrial design talent, machinists and molding technicians. They leverage our in-house rapid prototyping, prototype tooling fabrication and injection molding to create proven, manufacturable designs with unmatched speed, efficiency and quality. These designs form our deep portfolio of over 300 successful devices that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. They include FDA Class I, II and III devices, developed under our ISO 13485 certified quality management system.